Feature Request

Subject: Feature Request
Description: It would be fantastic if endnote for Word could include the ability to assign a character style to the intext citations and a paragraph style to the bibliography. Right now it is possible to access very basic formating adaptions via bibliography settings - layout. Instead if one could assign document styles here your users could improve from the flexibility of word itself.

Please keep me updated if this will be included in a future version.

Also: My experience with endnote showed unfortunately that it is not possible to copy paste portions of text holding endnote fields. As copying-pasting is a operation common to any daily workflow it would be good if you could fix this problem as soon as possible. I know you tend to blame word for citation shifting but this really should not happen at all.

— Feedback via E-Mail (essential part)

As you have mentioned, bring in the option to use the Word styles with EndNote citations and bibliography could improve the flexibility. We appreciate your comments and your willingness to help make our products better for all users. 

I would recommend you to post your suggestions within the EndNote Product Suggestion Forum to foster community discussion on enhancement ideas: 

And as you have figured out, cutting/copying and pasting of formatted EndNote citations may sometime cause issues as it may result in orphaned pieces of field codes. Though at present it is not recommended to copy and paste formatted citations, depending upon how things develop, it may be possible in future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Product Support Analyst


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