Endnote citation templates


I’ve edited my citation template so that it includes a shortened title in the citation. The template looks like this: 

Author (|Year|), Short Title| , p.^pp. Cited Pages

Yet, when there is no page number a comma and space are appearing - instead of nothing, so it looks like this: 

Simone (2008), The Politics of the Possible, . 

Note the comma and space at the end before the full-stop. 

Can anyone help? It’s driving me crazy! 


Author|*(Year)|,*Short Title|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|

Try the above?  The | character is a “separate” character that isolates what is inside of it to only appear when the field has content.  You should also replace my * by  inserting  “link adjacent” characters from the field dropdown, which also helps to tell endnote to only include the punctuation/spaces when the field contains something, but isn’t always necessary, for reasons I never understand (ie.  when are they necessary and when are they not necessary).  They will appear in the template as tiny centered diamonds.  

I also moved the | in relation to the year, as if it is ever empty you have retained the empty parentheses the way it was set up (obiously that would rarely be the case?).