Punctuation around optional fields

I’ve recently started using version X4 after several years using X1. I now seem to have a problem with a custom style I created. Specifically, punctuation marks around fields appear even if that field is empty. I’ve attached a screen capture of the bibliographic style. In this instance, if I leave the title field blank, the first inverted comma will still appear. Is there any way to avoid this?

You need to insert a forced separation bar (can be found on the pull-down menu) to un-link the punctuation from the previous field contents.

For example, you currently have (Year)*‘Title’  (I’ve used the asterisk character here to replace link adjacent) and that glues the following quotation mark to the bracket after year.

If you put (Year)|*‘Title’,|*[Translated Title]  and so on, then the punctuation round Title should only print when there actually is a Title.

Where a space follows the forced separation, you shouldn’t need the link adjacent character as its function is to “glue” punctuation to a field that’s separated from it by a space.

Thanks - I figured this out not long after posting, but it’s good to get confirmation I’m going it properly!