Figure/Table label doesn't appear in English

Hi there,

Everytime I insert a figure or table from Endnote into MS Word (whatever the version) the text appears in Portuguese instead of English.

In the Endnote I haven’t found any option to control this. The tutorial reads: "The label inserted by EndNote is “Figure #” for images found in the Figure and Equation reference types as well as for most other reference types. The label is “Table #” for images found in the Chart/Table reference type. The Caption is the text typed into the Caption field of a reference. "

Should this be a MS Word setting? Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

EndNote will use the regional settings of your operating system when it inserts the Figure caption.  So if the system is set to Portuguese, that is the language that will be used in the Word document when you insert a Figure.

You would either need to change the regional settings on your computer, or wait until you have finished writing and manually adjust the captions.


I think it is rather a stupid idea to change the language label according to regional settings. Almost all your style and template files refer to English journals and many national scientific organisations in non-English speaking countries publish in English only, why do we need the labels in any of these regional languages. Besides changing the regional settings does not work. There are several places where regional settings can be changed do you mean keybord settings or is it even necessary to re-install the whole software with other regional settings.

Also is there a file that can be edited or patched to get English labels.