how to change default text, e.g. replace "Figure" in figures references?

mac word 2011 and beta version of X4.

when I insert figure from the file, inside text appears something like (Figure 1) in reference place, and

Figure 1. [caption]

under the picture.

But I need to use my own text, on local language, instead of “Figure”.

I know that for TOC it is possible - I can choose my own title on foreign language for bibliography list during insertion of TOC.

How I can do this for Figures and Tables?

in Mac os settings I has 2 languages, Russian first and then English (and my menus are Russian where possible), but Russian name for figures never appears.

Using MS Word to handle captioning of figures of tables provides greater ease and versatility than EndNote. You’ll be able to customize captions and drop them into the document with precision and be able to generate a list of figures which can be easily updated to reflect changes in page numbering.  (Depending upon your version of Word, the “Insert caption” option is found under the “References” heading or tab.)

You can search the board for messages from other users concerning EndNote’s handling of figures but the general solution is to stick with MS Word’s ability to handle figures and tables.

Thanks for reply.

the only problem here is that it is not that easy to reuse pictures from different papers in other publications with Word.

I always need to remember from what place I take it, or search my papers, and try to “save as picture” to insert somewhere…

But, anyway, this is just another problem which became harder when I use some tools to generate picture (e.g. Omni Outliner in Mac or Visio) which store picture in own internal format - and I should re-generate it into, e.g. png format…

are there any other good way to handle this situation?

I tend to use EndNote to store and manage whatever figures and tables I use in my research then insert them as needed as I write but then switch to MS Word to generate the caption.  Not a perfect solution but workable.