Viewing filenames of attachments that are long

Using EndNote X8 on Windows 10:
I have several file attachments for the same record with similar names and EndNote only displays the first 10 or so characters of the file names. This makes it difficult to tell which file is which. Is there a way to change the settings to make the full filenames visible. As well, is there any way to rename attached files without having to unattach and reattach them?

There is an option to rename your PDF. Highlight the records and use your alternative mouse click to bring up the menu as shown below.
Be aware there is a maximum path length set by microsoft (which includes the full folder path and the file name) of 260 characters. If you exceed this Endnote won’t tell you and will change the file name but you may have problems with library afterwards (e.g. won’t saved a compressed library
Rename pdf

Thank you. I had not noticed that option. When I do that I get this caution message which is a little ominous and unclear to me–especially since it comes before I even try to say how to rename the attachment:

You don’t happen to know more about what this means?


I have to admit I have never bothered doing this, partly because (and I have never needed to) I could restore from the overnight backup files. But it is best practice to make a backup of your library occasionally. I read this as"Clarivate takes no responsibility if this process fails and breaks your library". A bit like the dry cleaners :smile:
I have renamed hundreds of pdf (it wont rename word/jgp files etc) in lots of libraries. I have never had a problem.
Some pdf won’t rename if a field selected is empty e.g. you select “author year” format and the author field is empty.