Find Full Text Authentication Grayed Out

I am running Endnote X7 on a Dell PC. When using the Find Full Text (FFT) feature the “authenticate” option is unavilable (i.e., grayed out), so I am not getting nearly as many hits as I should (probably less than 5%). I am having this same issue regardless of the mode I use (i.e., local, online, or integrated).

In case it makes a difference, here is some additional information about how my library is setup:

I have been using Endnote on my home computer (mac) for about a year. I had been using EndNote Web to link to my library when I was at work, but I prefer the features of the full software, so I recently installed Endnote X7 onto my work computer (the Dell PC) and moved my endnote library to a Box (online storage/backup) folder so that I could access the library at work as well. I am able to authenticate at home, but not at work.

Any thoughts on why this might be or how I can correct it?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.



It sounds like your Find Full Text settings may not have been fully specified.


1.Go to the EndNote toolbar and select Edit > Preferences.


2.In the Preferences dialog box click Find Full Text (refer to attached image).  On the right side click to select:  Web of Knowledge Full Text Links, EndNote Web Services, DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and PubMed LinkOut (if you want medical articles).


a. If your institution allows access to an OpenURL server, you can select the OpenURL check box, and enter the OpenURL path to direct to the online site. Check with a librarian from your institution if there’s an OpenURL and the address.


b. If accessing your institution’s library requires authentication (e.g., proxy server) to verify that you are allowed access, you can enter an Authentication URL. Your librarian can provide this information. The Authentication URL directs to the site’s login page. With this setup you will need to provide your login and password when using Find Full Text.


3.Click OK to exit.


For a quick demo on setting up Find Full Text settings refer to the training video “Setting EndNote Preferences” – at the 2:00 mark.


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That worked. Thanks. -J