Find Full Text: Serial Solutions

We are trying to make the “Find Full Text” feature of EndNote X3 function in our organisation. In the EndNote preferences I have typed the correct OpenURL path for Serials Solutions, which is the product we are using to manage our collection of Electronic Journals.

However for the Find Full text feature to work correctly we need to have the correct string in the EndNote preferences>URLs & Links area, under the heading “OpenURL arguments”.  Following is an example of the string of text to use if you are resolving links with SFX:

?sid=SFX&aufirst=AUFIRST&aulast=AULAST&issn=ISSN&atitle=ATITLE&title=TITLE&volume=VOLUME&issue=ISSUE&date=DATE&spage=SPAGE e=EPAGE

Does anyone know what OpenURL arguments we should be using for Serials Solutions or 360 Linker?

I don’t use Serials Solutions for our openURL link resolver, but I think the principles are the same with other link resolvers.

Do you need to configure Serials Solutions link resolver for each of the origins? That is, do you have to create a list of origins with each of its SID information?  If yes, then you probably need to create a new origin for EndNote and then change the SID=SFX on the example  to something like SID=EndNote.

Also, the openURL example is the version 0.1.  Serials Solutions might support both v. 0.1 and v.10.  If they support both versions, you only needs to adjust the SID information.  If they support only v. 1.0, then the openURL arguments could be something like this:

 ?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&&rfr_id=info:sid/<someSID>&rft_val_fmt=info: ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft.genre=articles&rft.atitle=TITLE&rft.jtitle=JTITLE&

Where the <someSID> is the EndNote SID.