Guide to new features in EndNote X2

We have produced a guide to the new features in EndNote X2:

As others have commented, it is very difficult to understand how the Find Full Text function works and why some articles are retrieved and others not.

I haven’t seen any comment in this forum on the changes to the Folder Locations and the introduction of the Personal Folders for styles, filters, and connections, but I think this is a significant issue for users who are upgrading from earlier versions.

Dissatisfaction with the new online search has been well documented, and we are looking forward to changes when the patch is released.

If you see any errors in the guide, please email me:

Hi John

This is an extremely helpful coverage of the new features of EndNote X2.  Thankyou. 

I am trying out various methods to get the Find full text feature to work and your suggestions are very useful.  I find that if you have an ISI base URL that relies upon Ezproxy access to ISI Web of Knowledge the full text feature can’t make use of the ISI link to full text. 

It is very frustrating that organisations do not realise that most of their users will be accessing through an Ezproxy mechanism.  It fouls up most alerting systems in terms of linking back to full text items and here it appears to be fouling up the use of the Find full text feature.

I did have a bit of success with a ScienceDirect item (Journal of Molecular Biology) (which I believe we ezproxy and have an IP range covering our entire campus) by moving the DOI number into the correct field. 

I think there will need to be a lot more testing to find out how to get the best out of the Find full text feature which should be a real winner if we can get it to work. 


Patrick Condron

University of Melbourne

If removing the Ezproxy string from the ISI Base URL would help, you should be able to do this easily. In EndNote, click on Edit>Preferences, and then go to the “Online” section.

In the ISI Base URL box, I presume you have a URL which includes your insitution’s Ezproxy server. You can replace this with:

Now when you export references from Web of Knowledge to EndNote, the ISI Base URL will just be a direct link to Web of Knowledge. This is fine if you only want to use it from a computer on campus. It may even work off campus, if you have a virtual personal network which maintains the institutional IP address.