find & replace

Hi, I’am acvtually merging some libraries from endnote into refman and I’d like to enter in the field “user def 1” a personal key work that kink each record to the original DB

I try to use the tool find & replace in the following way but it does not work at all:

  1. open in read & Write exclusively

  2. use find & replace

  3. in the field “Find Text” I’ve tried to put a) nothing b) * c) space d) " "

  4. in the field “Replace with” I put my kw

  5. Mark only the “user def 1”

  6. in the “Replace in” I select  “All references in the list”

  7. “OK”

but nothing happen… where I fail?

Best regards in advance


You’ll probably get better results if you try to use “Copy Field” instead of Find and Replace.

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