Fixed Content Prints in Formatted Fields

Dear Forum Readers:    I am in the process of building a new Style to accommodate some unusual publisher requirements. One of these requirements is to use “short titles” in all citations after the first citation in the text. To do this, my not so bright idea was to use a little used field, <Title 11>, copy the text from the complete title into that field and edit it. The style will then call field <Title 11> as the short title. The fly in my ointment on this idea is that the field prints text that is not displayed on the workform or in the style in any way. <Title 11> is intended to handle subsidiary items like a Translated Title, so when the Style prints out the citation, it first prints Translated and then the title I copied into the record.  I have been searching the ProCite manual for a fix on this, or some way to add and remove text outside the Style sheet configuration process and cannot find a solution. Does anyone recognize this problem and understand how to remove the word Translated from this field??? Thanks for any help, Tom