Capitalization workaround for non-English titles?


I recently (and reluctantly) switched from ProCite to Endnote X2. One of the first things I noticed as I converted my 7000+ records is that Endnote doesn’t seem to have an equivalent feature to the “=” sign, which in ProCite you could place in front of a title to keep its capitalization intact, regardless of style. This is essential for titles in languages such as German, Italian and French, which do not use Headline-style capitalization. I understand that in Endnote I can change the default title capitalization to “as entered” but that would mean that all my English titles would be “off” (since in ProCite the recommended format for entering titles was sentence style, leaving it up to the program to do all the capitalization). So: Is there any workaround to save me from having to manually fix capitalization on hundreds of non-English titles every time I generate a formatted bibliography in Endnote? Am I missing something?

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I am managing bibliographies that contain lots of titles in non-English languages, and I need to be able to format them in both English and French, depending on the project I am working. All the titles that I am downloading use lowercase but for proper names. If I direct my output style to leave titles as entered, this will be relatively fine for French and Italian, for instance, and German titles will be OK because the databases use correct capitalization (capitals for substantives). However, if I choose a style that uses headline capitalization, all my non-English titles will end up with capitals almost everywhere, e.g., “Le Guide De La Musique Pour Piano”, which looks awfully amateurish and reflects a total ignorance of the language. I cannot imagine myself editing individually more than 700 titles to impose correct capitalization in order to use “Leave titles as entered” and be sure that all will meet my needs.

Is there a solution for those who work in languages other than English (and there are surely many of us)? Choosing sentence-style capitalization cannot even be considered because it lowercases everything, including proprer names! Furthermore, though I generally use the Chicago Manual of Style’s humanities style that capitalizes English titles according to the well-known rules, I need to retain the capability of using the Author-Date style that uses sentence-style capitalization. What a complex situation…

I am wondering whether the designers might not modify (or add a switch to) “sentence-style capitalization” so that it will not lowercase words with an uppercase letter; this would leave proprer names untouched. It would also be useful if there were a way to indicate that the first word of a subtitle should be capitalized or not, because both styles are possible.

I’d like to revisit this question and see if there is any solution. I’m using EndNote X4 with Word 2007. Output style: Chicago 15th A

I need English titles to follow headline capitalization. For example, The Conflict of Interpretations

While French titles would be sentence style: Le conflit des interprétations : essais d’herméneutique

Is there an easy way to designate different capitalization schemes for different languages? Or must I manually edit the French titles once my document is complete?

I can’t think of anything better, unless you change the French titles and English titles to the form you want, and set the style to leave them as entered.  Then you don’t need to change them post processing.  Another style that wouldn’t treat them differently could then apply the universal title property to change them all to sentance or headline.  I would only change them as I used them, which wouldn’t be much different than editing the text at the end of the day, except you only have to do it the once and not each time you submit or resubmit the manuscript.  

Just wanted to add my two cents: I was dismayed to find this old thread, as I have exactly the same problem and was hoping it was just because I didn’t understand how to use Endnote well enough. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The best suggestion - and one that I would think Endnote could easily add to the next version - is the one mentioned by the first commenter: the = sign that dear old much-missed Procite used to let you put before titles that you wanted to exempt from the blanket capitalization rules. This is really a major problem and should be fixed. Thank you!

Just wanted to know if there have been any new developments in response to previous enquiries on this topic? It does seem technically possible to have different capitalisations for different languages, so it would be wonderful indeed if this could be implemented in endnote (I’m using x7). Thank you!

I have posted the topic in the suggestions section

(Sorry, but the web interface won’t let me post the address as proper link.) 

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