Nonenglish Titles

As I progress further in my studies more and more works in languages other than English go into my notes and bibliography. When I scan, English title case is applied—with some particularly disastrous results for words that have umlauts!

I gather that I can edit the output style so that it prints the title as entered. This would require going through my database and checking other titles for proper capitalization, though! I also gather I can add various individual terms to the “do not change case” list in preferences. Are these my only two options for dealing with this problem (other than a third option of fixing individual citations in a document after scanning)?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Tony,

Currently, there are limited options for what can be done with the capitalization through the style.

This does tend to be an issue for some non-English publications that require specific capitalization.

The three workarounds you outline below are currently the only options that I’m aware of.

I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



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