Following pages -> pp. XX ff.

Dear all,

I would like to cite a certain page number and the following pages, e.g. pp. 30 ff. (instead of pp. 30-40).

I add the ff. after the page number, but the problem is that Endnote does not recognize it at several pages, so the in-text citation would look like p. 30 ff.

How can I teach Endnote to write pp. 30 ff.?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Which output style are you using? Have you tried to edit the citation to designate “pp. 30 ff.”? (To edit a citation put your cursor on it, right-click and select Edit Citation(s) from the submenu.)

I am using a modified style based on APA. I could not find a way in the “edit citation” mode to change “p.” to “pp.” :frowning:

There might be an issue with the way your citation template is set up to differentiate between “p.” and “pp.”. That section of the citation template’s command syntax should be the following ( represents the Link Adjacent Text command):

•p.^pp.•Cited Pages

Could you either attach your output style or provide a screenshot of the citation template?

Yes, I think this is correctly defined in the template.

(Please see the screenshot attached.)

If I cite for instance pages 40-45, it would correctly show “pp. 40-45”

But I would like to cite pages 40 and following as “pp. 40 ff.”, but I think it recognizes that there is only one page and so it displays “p. 40 ff.” which - I think - is not correct citation.

Any ideas on that?



Thanks for the screenshot. The citation template appears to be correct. So maybe it’s the way in which the in-text citation is being edited.  If you wish to modify the pagination of the in-text citation . This citation needs to be edited, such that the “pp. 30 ff” appears in the Suffix box (in the Edit Citation dialog box).

However, I may be misinterpreting your postings so Just to clarify, could you show:  1) how the in text citation 1st appears when inserted; and 2) how  you wanted to appeari?  Also, what is the name of your output  style file?

For example:

(Jones, 2015)                      [original in-text citation]

(Jones, 2015,  pp. 30 ff)      [edited  in-text citation]

Thanks a lot! I thought there might be an automatic solution, but it works if I write the whole part inthe suffix and not in the pages section. :slight_smile:

(The name of the output style is “Own style based on APA”, which probably does not help much. I just took APA and changed some minor settings in the bibliography styles, but not in the in-text citation section).

So solved now. =)