Citing different pages for one reference in text

Hope this is simple, it is not for me.

How do I change the in-text citation template to allow for manual (in my word document) entry of a page reference. I will be citing the same article or book many times, but citing different pages and would like this to appear in the text. I would hope this is possible without having to modify the individual in-text citation.

Thus, what I hope to be able to do is have an in-text citation that allows for me to enter different page numbers to the same reference. It should end up like this, e.g.: (Brown, 1982: p.xx) "xx"being where I would like to be able to just type in a page no.

It follows that I want my bibliography to give no page numbers if it is a book I am citing and the normal page references (e.g. 135-152) if it is an article.

The “annotated output style” seems to work for me with how everything is set up except for this one feature.

It should be noted I am completely new to EndNote and never used a similar programme, but have in fact tried to read through manuals and whatever to figure this out.

Is it possible? And how?



There are two ways. 

The easy way is to right click in the formated (grey) reference, choose edit citation and put the p. xx info into the suffix box. 

You can also put it into the cited pages box, but then you need to make sure (edit) the output style you are using , has the cited pages in the citation. 

Check out the imbedded help (f1) “editing, citations” for more details.  good luck!

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Super! Thanks for the help.

I see you don’t avoid a minimum of editing of the in-text reference, but it should be ok still.



Hi Leanne,

For some reason that doesn’t work for me - I have edited the citation in word by right clicking and then entering the page number and it still does not show up!

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks.

Please attach your style? I recommend trying APA 5th, as you need to ensure the style has the cited pages in the citation template.