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I’m changing the output style we use and I would like to do some changes in the In-text-citations that I don’t know if they are possible:

  • Can I predefine the font color to my in-text-citation?
  • Can I make hyperlinked citations in an automatic way so I can click in the in-text-citation and go to the reference list citation?

I know I can make all these changes in Word but I would like to do it in RefMan so all my RefMan users don’t need to be doing editing jobs when doing their writing.

That’s all for now, thanks in advance!


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Greetings MN,

Unfortunately, Reference Manager is not able to control the text color of in-text citations, footnotes/endnotes, or the bibliography.   Additionally, Reference Manager is not able to create hyperlinked citations that would transport you to the entry within your reference list.  Both of formatting aspects can be achieved through Word functionality, however, you’d only want to apply these changes after the final formatting of your Word document.  If you were to make these changes and then insert a new reference, or run Generate Bibliography again, these manual edits created through Word would be lost.  

I have added your suggestion for this type of functionality.  If you’d like to submit any other suggestions, feel free to do so through our suggestions webform-  These suggestions are reviewed by our developers to get possible ideas for future versions. 

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I noticed that the last response was in 2008. My university does not allow “blue” on the bibliography, is there a way to change the hyperlink color to black to conform with APA formating?



I see that the last message was in 2008. My University does not allow the use of blue color APA formatting for hyperlinks is there a way to change the color in reference manager as I’m in the process of writing my MSWorddissertation and for me to go in and change the colors in MsWord every time I do a bibliography update to send in the new version of my paper to my URM I keep getting knocked back because of the color.