In text citation (author and date problem)

Hi there, 

I am new to this system

Is there a way to change and edit the format of all the in text citations,  as when I  insert a citation it appears as (Williams 2009) instead of (Williams, 2009). So is there a way of inserting a  “,” into all my single author citations? Do I have the wrong style ? (Instead of editing every citation manually)

Hello, Steviemac:

You should be able to edit the style you are using to get the result you need. In Reference Manager 11/12, click Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style. Select the style you are using and click Open.

On the in-text citation tab, double-click on <[04] Authors, Primary> in the Definition for <Generic> box. Click on the Text tab. In both Following Text boxes, type a comma and a space. Note that the space will display here as a dot; this dot will not show in your formatted references.
Click Ok.

If there is also <[04] Authors, Primary> in the Subsequent Citations box, repeat the above steps here as well.

Look at the bottom of the screen in the box labeled Sample for Reference Type <Generic>. This will show you how your in-text citations will now appear in the style. If it now displays correctly, click File>Save As and save the style with a new name.

Reformat your document using the new style.

I hope this helps!