Footnote citation problem with Word for Mac 2004 on Mac OS X 10.5

I am running Word for Mac 2004 on Mac OS X 10.5.8, and currently have Endnote X2 running.

I find that if I have the cursor in main text on a Word  document, I can go to the Tools menu and find and insert a citation from Endnote as usual.

However, if I try to insert a citation in a footnote, nothing appears in the footnote - although the item is added to the bibliography, and is shown if one goes to the Edit Citation(s) option under Tools, so it is in some sense ‘there’, even if invisible.

What has gone wrong, and what can I do about it?   I have of course Repaired Permissions and restarted.

What style are you using, and does it use “footnotes”?

Annotated - which does I think have footnotes.

However, the problem now seems to have cured itself (i.e. I now seem to be able to insert a citation in a footnote via the Word Tools menu).  Could this, I wonder, be connected with my having previously tried this:

(a) Left the cursor in a Word footnote

(b) Gone direct to Endnote and clicked on the ‘Insert Citation’ on the Endnote menu bar?