OSX (10.6.8) + endnote + word 2008 = no cite while you work appearing in word

I have installed 30 day trial of endnote on my mac (OSX 10.6.8). I have an endnote  folder in my applications folder - there are lots of other folders in there - a good sign I think. I can open endnote no problems. I have successfully added an article to my library. However, no endnote option appears in Word. All tutorials I find seem to assume that endnote will have appeared in Word. It hasn’t. I have tried installing ‘cite while you write’ manually using the customize option in endnote. No joy.

Don’t know what to do, any help? (I’m going to buy the full version for my MA, but not if I can’t get the thing working)

I have the same problem with:

latest OSX 10.9 and latest Pages

I cannot add any references

mwwoj Pages 5.0 doesn’t work with Endnote: See above.

For the missing EndNote tools in Word 2008, please see the following article:


As is mentioned in that article, make sure Word is updated to at least version 12.1. “Make sure you have at least the SP1 (12.1.x) update for Microsoft Word 2008 installed. You can download the update from Microsoft here or you can use the Update feature for Word by clicking on the Help menu and then Check for Updates. You can check if you have version 12.1.x installed by clicking on the Word menu and selecting About Word.”

In answer to the second post, the latest version of Pages doesn’t yet work any version of Endnote, (see thread here). (Edited - to clarify cause Jason’s answer is correct - addressing the original post!)

The text of that thread is below. 

Apple Pages 5 Compatibility

a week ago - last edited a week ago

As many of you are aware, in addition to Mac OS 10.9, Apple also released Pages 5, along with a new EndNote plugin.

At this time, however, the plugin that Apple released appears to have many issues, including the inability to cite in footnotes, and issues with in-text numbering.

We are in close contact with Apple about these issues and are hopeful that they will rectify the problems sometime in the future. However, until they do so, _ we currently do not recommend using the EndNote plugin with Pages 5. _The plugin for Pages 09 does still work, so you may wish to rollback to Pages 09 if you need EndNote functionality in your Pages software.

As the Pages plugin was designed by and released by Apple, we’re quite limited in what we can do to fix the problems. We definitely understand the frustration that many of you are experiencing with the plugin, and encourage you to contact Apple with your comments.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and will be working with them closely. We will be maintaining a Knowledge Base article with the latest Pages compatibility information here: http://endnote.com/kb/107673

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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Technical Support Team Lead
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The first post on this thread was about Microsoft Word, not Apple Pages 5. Leanne is correct with regards to mwwoj’s post about Pages 5. For customers like 123Loto with Microsoft Word 2008, EndNote X7 is compatible.

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