Inserting hidden references in Word as to include them in the Bibliography

Hi there.

I am using Endnote X2 for Mac and Word 2008 for Mac. In my document I have no in-text citation, but all my citations in footnotes. In one of them I mention a work, but don’t cite it, so inserting an Endnote reference would read strange.

Is there a way to insert an Endnote citation in that footnote which stays invisible after formatting and still will show up in the bibliography at the end of the document?

Thanks for any help!

Mr Apostrophe

Did you try formatting the reference as hidden text?

Thanks, Leanne, that is certainly one way to do it.

But I was wondering, whether there might be a certain Endnote command (to be inserted in the unformatted Endnote commands) that would have it not printed.

Not to my knowledge in footnotes.  You might try not showing author or year, if that is the format you are using?  but then you can’t see the reference at all, unless you unformat it (and then it is just the record number).  With the hidden text trick, you can still see it, if you have “hidden text” showing,!  Why create something in Endnote that Word functionality can do just as well?    you can see it too?

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One solution that I sometimes recommend is as follows:

* Insert a page break at the end of your document to create a new blank page.

* On this page, insert any references that you have not directly cited. If you are using a footnote style, and you insert the references straight into a blank page, the references will not appear, because they have not been inserted in footnotes.

* The references should appear in the bibliography at the end of the document.

This procedure seems to work. Bear in mind that it is only applicable to footnote styles. And you have to remember that the blank page is not really blank.