Footnotes: Multi-volume works and "ibid." + font issue

Hello everyone,

(1) I have configured Endnote to replace the titles of repeatedly cited works with “ibid.” in my footnes. Now I’m having a problem with a multi-volume work: When citing the SECOND volume after the FIRST volume (or any other volume for that matter), Endnote puts in an “ibid.” as if it was the very same book.

I can work around the problem by configuring the repeated citation template like: “Ibid.|, vol. Volume|, Cited Pages”. In that case, the output looks like “ibid., vol. 2, pages”. But I would rather like to have the full author + title instead of an ibid. Those are two different books, after all.

(2) After changing the above template, the repeated-citation-output suddenly is in the Segoe UI font while the rest of the text (including all the other endnote output!) is, correctly, in Calibri. I definitely have it marked as “Plain Font,” and I also tried to just copy the text from the other correct template fields.

I’d be very grateful for any help. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,