issues with ibid output

I just had EndNote X4 for Mac output a journal title as ibid.  How do I fix this?  The citation was for the same author, the same journal, but a different article and a different volume / issue of the journal.  The output was correct for everything else, but put Ibid in place of the journal title, which is completely unacceptable. I am using Chicago Style 15th A.  The output was in the footnotes.


Thomas Tag, “The Henry-Lepaute Clock and Lens Works: Producers of the Fresnel Lens - Part 3,” Ibid Volume XXII, no. 1 (2005).

The Ibid should have put the journal title since this is the first citation for this article and first for this volume and issue of the journal.

Interestingly, I am citing this author and this journal for six different issues over two volumes (serial article) and it only replaced the journal title with Ibid for the reference with the 3rd article of the series.

Thanks for the assistance.

So I opened the paper this morning to begin writing some more and the issue has disappeared.  The journal title is now formatting as it should and not as ibid.

This is really strange and with the other issues I am having I am beginning to wonder if my copy is defective or corrupted. Any way to tell?