footnotes that ref the page it occured on - help!!

hi, i’m writing a non scholarly manuscript. i have a bunch of footnotes, for example:

example 1:

The fish swim up stream to spawn.

example 2:

The “fish swim” up stream to spawn.

in the two examples, the only difference is the " " around fish swim. i would like to 1) put the “fish swim” in a note at the end of the manuscript referencing Johnson 1989 and 2) and also insert the full citation in the bibliography.

so, if the note occured on say pag 17, then the note would look like:

  1. “fish swim…” Johnson 1989

the 17 would indicate the note appeared on page 17 in the manuscript and the bib would appear

Johnson, JD 1989. The activities of fish. Journal of Fish Stuff, Vol 1 etc etc

anyone have any idea how to do this? importantly, can i highlight the text in th ms. and start the process?

First asking the same questions in three different forums on the same site, won’t help you get a better answer!  Please delete the others? 

Having the note numbered by the page on which it occurs is an non-standard footnote option, which I have never come across before.  There is no way to automate this in endnote.   

Footnotes are normally inserted - and numbered consecutively by the word processing program, and then you type what you want to appear in addition to adding the text you want to appear, in your case followed by the citation.  How that citation occurs, depends on the output style and the setting there-in for footnotes.  The output style also defines when and how the citations are listed in a bibliography. 

I am not certain if MSWord for example, could generate a footnote based on the page number on which it occured (and what rule applies when there are two on a page?)  and it would be need to be dynamic, as modifcaitons might move a footnote to another page.