How to automatically insert Footnotes on each page?


I have written a publication using, of course, Endnote.

Now the guidelines for publication demand the references also be included as Footnotes on each page. Everything is formatted and I just want Endnote to insert the references used on each page as a Footnote.

How can this be done?

I mean, the references are already there in the sentences on each page. Endnote just needs to gather them on a per page basis and insert at the bottom of the page.

How do I tell Endnote to do so? It seems like a pretty basic task but I cannot figure it out.

Publications generally require citations to be inserted within the body of the text or in the footnotes/endnotes section of the document. If you want the citations to appear in the footnotes section, you would have to have first created the footnote using your word processor and then inserted the citation into the footnote using EndNote. See this article for more information:

If you are able to share your paper with Technical Support, we can assist you by converting the information in the in-text citation into footnotes. To reach Technical Support, please see this page:


you mean I have to manually go through each page and check the references and then manually insert a footnote for each one?

Maybe my wording wasn’t good.

I basically just want Endnote to insert a page-by-page library as a footnote.

So by default Endnote creates one large library with all references at the end of the document. I bascially want it to do the same thing, but instead of scanning the whole document, simply scan each page and insert a library at the end of each page.

Is Endnote not able to do this automatically?

People have written macros/scripts that will convert from in-text to footnotes, but footnotes are word features, and not handled by Endnote itself.    

See this  thread for a macro (circa 2014) but I highly suggest that you contact Tech support as suggested by Jason.