insert page number in existing footnote without instant formatting


I have a document with lots of footsnotes without the correct page numbers. I have instant formatting off but that only works for new footnotes, Is it possible to insert page numbers in existing references without formatting the whole document? 


From the Endnote built-in “Help” manual (go to the Endnote Toolbar and select Help >Search for Help):

To manually include specific page numbers to a reference in an unformatted footnote citation, enter the page number preceded by “@” at the end of the temporary citation:

{Smith, 1999 #24 @145-6}

Are you wanting to designate “cited pages”  (then CG’s response is the way to go, but you also have to make sure the footnote is using the citation template and that template has the cited pages field as well).  

or are asking that the footnote reports the pages field in the record , which is more like a bibliography type templates (which can be in the footnote or the bibliography depending on how the style is set up).  

Best to tell us exactly which output style you are currently using and what you expect the footnote to look like.