(Pages) Add footnote

After I happily saw that Pages '09 supported EndNotes I twisted some arms to get my university to buy me a license. However, after trying it out for a couple of hours, I can’t understand how to make Pages/EndNotes to create footnotes on the cited page.

Or more in dept:

  1. I want a citation to be marked by the citation number. (E.g… [1])
  2. I want a footnote on the bottom most part of page where the citation was made (E.g… Jakobs, Mark (2009): EndNotes, Why? )
  3. I want a bibliography.

I tried to modify the Annotated style.  Citation number was easy to do, bibliography already there. However, I can’t make it insert a footnote, regardless of what I type in the style editor.



Hello Marky,

You would need to create the footnote first in Pages and then cite the reference into the footnote that was created. I am not in front of my Mac right now, but I believe creating a footnote in Pages is done by going to “Insert > Footnote”.


It’s AppleScript time then.

Thank you