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I’m new to EndNote. When I insert a citation in Word 2007 within a FOOTNOTE, EndNote seems to not only insert the citation but also the bibliographic entry. How do I get it to stop doing this? Are there tricks to working with footnotes?

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Hello Hasat,

You would need to edit the style you are using to not include a bibliography.  In EndNote go to “Edit > Output Styles > Edit ‘style’” and click on “Footnotes > Templates”.  Here you can uncheck the option to have it include a bibliography.  Close the style saving the changes when prompted.

Thanks Peter,

This seems to work, though this seems rather to not include the citations in the bibliography. To get these citations given in footnotes included in the bibliography at the end of the paper I have to again choose the style that has this checked. 

I also have a problem with a message “cannot edit range” from time to time. I’m not sure where this is coming from and can’t seem to find it in the EndNote help.

I have the same problem Hasat has had, and it has been an absolute nightmare for me.  Recently I decided to upgrade from Endnote XI to Endnote XII in the hope that this “bug” would go away.  Unfortunately, it made no difference. 

When I enter a footnote using Chicago 15th A style, with both the bibliography turned on and off (as Peter recommended), it makes no difference, the problem persists.  The citation will not translate into a properly formatted footnote, and I get the error message “Cannot Edit Range.” 

Any help you can provide to address this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem, after a lot of fiddling around, I finally got this to work:

(1) In Word 2007, go to the Endnote X2 toolbar.

(2) In the Style box, change the style from “Author-Date” to “Annotated”

(3) Then click on  “Update Citations and Bibliography”

(4) It should reformat the references for you.

(5) Repeat (2)-(3), but reset “Annotated” to “Author-Date”

Don’t know why, but it seems to have fixed it. 

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Thank you.  That is a much simpler solution than the one suggested by the Endnotes support staff–a solution that, despite its great complexity, did not in fact work. 

–Jim Snider

I tried it too but it did not work. Have to submit my thesis by tomorrow and this is a total Nightmare!!! Help!

Why not produce the end of document set with the appropriate style, then select just the bibliography and unlink the fields (on a copy to make sure there are no mistakes!) -on a windows machine, ctrl-shift F9. Then change the style back to a footnote based style and reformat. 

Do not tell the End Note guys ;)… but, the only solution I’ve found (so far) has been to unformat my references and modify them as a normal text… takes more time, but hey, at least has solved my problem… for tomorrow.

Word 2007:

Convert citations and bibliography

Convert to plain text



Just now I registered as a (Dutch) member here, so I hope I’m posting this in the right thread… I tried to search for an answer in previous posts, but couldn’t find any…

I’m using Word 2007 (Windows XP) and Endnote X1. I’m rather new to EndNote. Whenever I’m inserting a citation in a footnote, EndNote also adds the reference to the bibliography at the end of the document. Which is perfectly fine with me.

But is there something I could do about Word jumping to the end of the bibliography everytime I insert a citation? This even happens when I insert references which are already in the bibliography.

My document is 75 pages long and everytime I insert a citation, Word jumps to the end of the document and I find myself scrolling back to find the footnote I was working in… This takes a tremendous amount of time!

Any help is appreciated!



I recently upgraded from X2 to X4. When I went back to work on a text in Word 2003, I found citations in the footnotes which looked like this:


What’s going on? Thanks.