format bibliography command non-functional

EndNote X3, mac os 10.4, ms word 2004;  under tools, endnote x3, selected ‘format bibliography’ repeatedly and NOTHING happens.

same machine, with ms word 2008, select ‘format bibliography’ and I get a dialogue box.

I cannot use ms word 2008 with current document due to VB issues.

How can I get the ‘format bibliography’ command to function in word 2004?

any help I’d greatly appreciate…


My problem is perhaps the same, or at least related to the prior post on “format biblio non-functional.”

I use EndNote X3, MSWord 2004, MacOS 10.6.2.

Just today, my Format Bibliography command stopped taking the updated information from EndNote. For example, I found that I had an incorrect publication date in one of my records. I changed the date in EndNote, then returned to Word and chose Format Bibliography. The old info remains in Word. If I insert a new citation, Word uses the new EndNote Data, but this would mean I need to delete and re-enter every footnote for which any EndNote data has changed. That is, of course, precisely what we use EndNote for… to avoid such manual entry and updating.

Any ideas?

Your problem is related to the travelling library facility in Endnote.  Endnote matches inserted citated by Author, year and record number.  If any of these three no longer match, it assumes you have deleted the reference from the library or that it was inserted from a different library no longer availalbe, and uses the embedded information from the travelling library.  The easiest thing to do, if it is used just once or a couple of times, is to delete it and reinsert it.  If there are many instances and it is too troublesome to search for them, then unformat the entire document, and reformat, turning on CWYW again from the format bib/ref menu tab, and it will prompt for the correct reference when it hits those that don’t have a match in the current open libraries. 

Searching for travel here will show you aren’t alone in this experience!  It is an example of a great idea (a collaboration tool), which causes unexpected problems.