Snow Leopard, Endnote X3 & Word 2008 format bibliography not working

I recently purchased a new Mac, moved my files across and am currently writing my first paper on the new system. All is well except that “Format Bibliography” does not work.

I see that Endnote is working on a Snow Leopard release but assume it is not out yet.

Is there any workaround or do I have to find an older Mac somewhere to write papers until there is a new X3 release?

Any help appreciated, b. 

I printed a copy of my paper this morning and, magically, all citations had been formatted!

I normally do not use “Cite while you write” but “Format bibliography” from the Tools menu when I need to see the final form of the paper.

However, I turned on “Cite while you write” last night as part of my attempts to format the bibliography, and it has worked.

I recollect now that I was having problems with X3 and Word on my old Mac under OS 10.4.1 where  “Format bibliography”  rarely worked the first time and I had to re-issue the command to get it to work. I did try several re-issues yesterday but non worked.

So it appears the problem is with  “Format bibliography” not “Cite while you write” and may not be related to Snow Leopard.

Does the paper on the screen not show them formated but the printer does?  In which case, it might be that you aren’t viewing the fields but the field codes? 

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No, the screen is changing from codes to content fine with cite while you write. I have also found that if I select a field code and then format bibliography from the menu it works.

I wonder whether the user interface was changed between X1 and X3 so that format bibliography only formats selected items. That would make sense as a feature and my not realizing there had been such a change would account for both current and previous problems.

In any event, my problem is resolved and it is not one of Snow Leopard, Endnote X3, or Word 2008 – although I guess these notes in the archive might help someone who upgrades from X1 to X3 and finds a similar problem.

Thanks, b. 

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