Formating bibliography in table

I am working on a text in Word 2008 which contains citations in the text and in a table (generated in Word). When I try to format the bibliography using X2, it does not recognize the citations in the table and aborts the formating. The only way I could manage is by removing the table, format the bibliography, paste the table back in and copy-paste the citation numbers back in the table (!!). Funny enough, if I then unformat citations, it does so in the table too.

Any clue how to have Endnote X2 managing citations in a table?


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Maybe this workaround would help. Insert the reference in the text just *after* the table. Then manually type the reference in the table, e.g. (Smith, 1995) or the reference number, or whatever.

Then hide the reference which you inserted after the table. For information on hiding citations, see this FAQ.

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John, I just love your FAQs!

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