Formatting bibliography title not 'sticking'

So, when I configure the bibliography title in word through the endnote tab>configure bibliography>layout, any changes I make don’t ‘stick’ except editing the title, e.g. changing it to references or reference list works fine.

A few days ago I was fiddling around with it and was able to change the font size to 20, but basically only for that one time. Not only that it became stuck at 20, even after creating a new document.

I have even tried uninstalling EN, removing residual app data and registry entries then reinstalling, only to no avail (except the font size did return to default).

I know I could just convert a bibliography to plain text and just edit from there, but it would be nice if this function just worked.

I use version X7.7.1 on windows 10 btw.

A bug? Or does the style (predominantly use Chicago 16th ed. footnote) override my desired changes, even just for sizing and bolding?

Just want to add ‘sticking’ isn’t the right term for my case because changes made to the title don’t change anything at all, as opposed to when using MS Word’s edit functions, which do initially work but don’t stick when the bibliography is updated.

Editing Endnote generating fields with Word will never stick, but there are endnote options to change the size of your fonts.  See attached.  You can even enter the title there, rather than in the document itself.  

No offense Leanne but you clearly haven’t read my whole post. What you had screenshot is the very function that’s not working for me (except editing the title’s text).

Sorry. I apologize and hang my head in shame.  :flushed:

I guess that is because I don’t use that feature.  I never put my “title” in the bibliography settings.  I generate that field in Word and place the endnote references after it. Then it does stick. That is the only way to get it to appear in a table of contents anyway, in a thesis or book, for example.  I otherwise use those settings to tweak the reference list itself.