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When I format a bibliography (Word 2004/EndnoteX for Mac OS10.5), the style in the word document is ignored and the formatted bibliography has different font sizes for some of the references. If I reapply the document’s style, I lose the EndNote style formatting such as bolding the year of a journal publication, italicizing the journal title, etc. I’ve tried deleting the bibliography, making sure the insertion point has the correct style, etc.



Assuming that you are able to do so, why don’t you modify the font size used by the style?

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Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. After 14 years of using EndNote, I still find these strange quirks. In short,  the layout tab of the format bibliography window, and the style preferences of the Word document’s last paragraph, format MOST of the bibliography correctly. However, one particular reference is in a 12 point Helvetica font instead of 8 point times. It suggests that there is something in the record of that one reference that is corrupted. Although I can correct it for this one, I wonder how many other references there are in my 2877-record library that are similarly corrupted! What I seek is a way to over-rule whatever it is that is making this happen.