how to make endnote stop autoformatting acronyms?

After my recent Endnot update there is a very annoying autoformat that tries to update and add citations in the text where there are acronyms or abbreviations. Even if I say “ignore all” it will consistently auto-format and add a random citation to an abbreviation I have for substance use disorder (SUD). I have played around with settings but can’t seem to get it to stop. Advice?

What are your temporary citations delimiters set to?  parentheses, or curly brackets? Did you by any chance change them from the default curley brackets?  

These settings can be set in preferences or in the format bibliography menu. They should be set to something that you don’t normally use for another purpose.   

I have the output style set to JAMA (as that is where I am submitting) and yes now they look like normal parentheses. I changed it back to curly parentheses but it still autoformats the acronyms in the text (with normal parentheses). Any other ideas?

The setting I am refering to,  doesn’t change with output sytle – it is embedded in the endnote program setting in your preferences. 

If you convert the citations to unfomatted from endnote ribbon, what encompases the Author, Year #recno temporary citations.  parentheses or curly brackets?  

If your acronym has curly brackets, change them to parentheses and update your citations/bibliography and see if the problem now goes away.  

I changed the citations to unformatted and that does stop the problem, but interestingly does nothing to my references - they still look appropriately formatted so I migth just leave it like that but I don’t really understand what caused the problem to begin with.

I can’t see the formatting in the citation that you are referring to. It doesn’t change anything in my document other than the weird auto-formatting.

See the attachments for windows version of endnote/word.  To convert to unformatted see the menu with the dropdown in the first attachment.  It may be that instant formating also has to be off?  (also highlighted) – and the red arrow points to where the bibliography menu settings are that can define what the delimiters are currently set to (see 2nd attachment)  and then – the third image shows the windows ver of Endnote’s preference for delimiters.  


sorry I should have clarified - I am using a Mac. Same instructions?