Formatting for author used multiple times

I am citing an author multiple times throughout my thesis - sometimes he is the sole author and sometimes he is with others (but usually the first). The citation are properly formatted in some cases (e.g… Last name, first initial) but for others it comes up as first initial ( in capitals), full stop, then last name. I have tried to eliminate this but I can fix it. Does anyone know how I can format all the citations properly? Is there a setting in endnote I need to turn on or off. I started off using endnote IX but am now using endnote XI - I do not know if this is the cause of my problem but this does not happen with other authors cited more than once? Karen

is it alwas the same entry in the Author term list? (Could be that in your endnote-library that the author is written differently for some references?)

Or might just be the settings for the output-style that you use? (You can check them here: Edit->Output Styles -> [Navigate to the style] -> Citations->Author Names

This typically happens if the author names were not consistently entered into the library records. For example, if one record were entered as “Doe, J” and the other as “Doe, John” EndNote will think these were two different authors even if they are the same. Please see the following article for details:

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Thank you for the reply. I have re-entered them as I also considered I had been inconsistent - but the problem persists. I will re-check again though. I have not used ‘output styles before’ I will look at that.


Hi Jason

this worked - thank you