Inconsistent in text citation


I am citing my references in word by coping reference from endnote library. Somehow, when endnote format the citation, it was inconsistent, sometimes one citation has only one author last name and the year (which is what I need) and sometimes, it listed all the authors which is not what I want.

Will you please help me solve this issue?

Thank you.


(Ingalls and Sauro, 2003;  Mol et al., 2014) → correct

(Ankley, Kahl, Jensen, Hornung, Korte, Makynen and Leino, 2002) → incorrect

Which output style are you using? Usually citations cited for the first time will display all authors then use “et al.” when cited subsequently. This is generally accepted practice, however, some publications may indicate using “et al.” exclusively.

If you have determined the formatting requirement is to use “et al.” exclusively or citations involving 3 or more authors, then your Endnote output style file can be modified to accommodate this condition.

Which output style?  

Is this happening when it is the only citation, is the second time (or first time) cited or when the same first author is cited for two different publications?  

If the last, then it is probably a issue with disambuating the citations and could be (a) the correct mechanism for handling it according to the publisher guidelines, or (b) that the two entries for that author are not identical in the library, or  (c)  that the output style needs to be modified to reflect the correct handling in this situation (which may be true for the first situations above).