Ibid. and comma issues...again!

Hi All,
I have EN X7 and I am experiencing issues with the Ibid. function.
I am using Chicago 16th footnote.
Here’s my problem:

How do I get EN to remove the comma, if the page is the same in consecutive footnotes?
Any help you can provide will be hugely appreciated!

I suspect you need to edit the “If same reference repeats with…” and move the “|” character to in front of the comma and

In my X9 template, it looks like this-- and thus the , will be there whether or not any of the following fields are needed. I would expect you need to move it to the other side of the comma. Do you ever need the volume number?

Ibid.,| Volume:|p. Cited Pages|.

If not I would try

Ibid.|, Cited Pages|.

with a “link adjacent” in front of “cited pages” field.

does that work?

It worked, Leanne, it worked! Hurray! :tada: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:
Thank you ever so much!