Formatting Issues in EndNote Web

A question about formatting bibliographies in EndNote Web that I can’t seem to solve looking through old threads and online.

I understand the CWYW layout options, but is there an option to adjust output layout within EndNote Web? For example, when I format a bibliography as an .RTF using MLA or APA 6, the doc I open up has hanging indents but no spacing whatsoever (a wall of single spaced text).

Relatedly, I want to generate annotated bibliographies, and I found that selecting the “annotated” styles will display my research notes, but again there is no spacing so it is impossible to read. Or are there any other methods for doing an annotated bib?

Am I failing to understand something basic? Thanks!

Adjusting bibliography line spacing is performed in all MS Word. Refer to the knowledgebase article " EndNote online: Double-space or single-space a bibliography, or change the font for the bibliography":

Thank you for the response and link.

If I understand correctly, this is for adjusting layout options when using Cite While You Write, correct? I was hoping there would be a way to choose the default spacing when using Format -> Bibliography for a large Group of references saved in EndNote Web. Is there? I suppose one could just adjust the spacing in the resulting document. Does ENW always output bibligraphies that are all single spaced?

Specifically, I want to generate an annotated bibliography using a Group I have saved in EndNote Web with the annotations as Research Notes.

The MLA and APA annotated styles do this, but since it is all output as single spaced (in the RTF file) I would have to manually insert spaces for every entry, which is why I am curious if there is any way to change this automatically. Or if there is some way to do this in Word, that would of course work too. Thanks again.

To change formatting options when using Endnote Web so the line spacing is done automatically you have 2 options: 1) to notify your local administrator who can adjust the output style as needed (if you’re accessing Endnote Web via a network); or 2) to submit an output style modification request. (Refer to the knowledge base article “Endnote online: Creating new output styles modifyng existing styles”  at )

However,  you can bypass both options by switching  from Endnote Web  to using  Endnote desktop  where you can adjust  bibliography line spacing  (see attached)  as noted in a prior posting.

Ah, I see. Will look into those options. Thank you very much for your help.