FP7 file format: coversion to EndNote format

Good afternoon

I have a .fp7 file (Mac) and I need to convert it to a EndNote library.

Can anybody help me? I tried to import it from EndNote with some filters, but it didn’t work.

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Pedro Novais

As far as I know, you can’t really just convert a fp7 file.  You need to manipulate and export the data in Filemaker Pro to a form that endnote can then parse.  An old discussion about ways to achieve this, is available in the old archives here.  The short answer is to export it into a tab delimited file (similar to the discussion provided here, for exporting from Excel).

Googling the topic “filemaker pro endnote” may find other resources. 

Thank you, Leanne

and I’m sorry. I didn’t noticed where I was posting…

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