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 I am using EndNote 5 and am having problems with the reference style for the Veterinary Journal. In some instances the full journal name is given (required) and in other this does not occur. I have tried inserting the full version of these references but still without any success.

Any ideas?


Try this in EndNote:

Tools → Open Term Lists → Journals Term List

Browse down the list until you find the abbrevated version of the journal in the left column (Full Journal).

Higlight it and click on the edit button.

Put the full journal name in the Full Journal field and move the abbreviation to the Abbrevation 1 field (include . after abrrevated title names - the chosen style will remove the . if necessary).

Fisnish with OK → Close

An update of the manuscript should give you full journal names for all references from this journal.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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Thank you so much; it worked perfectly.