Full text PDFs not saved

Hi all,

I’m very new to EndNote, but I will appreciate all your input!

The way I built my libraryis a follows:

-Carried out pubmed searches and exported refs as MEDLINE files

-Imported MEDLINE files in EndNote to build my library

-Selected all refs (~800) and selected the find full-text option. At this point, I have saved my library. 

-Around 500~ refs were found and are saved as PDFs.

At this stage, I can select a ref on the main library with a paperclip icon next to it, and I can indeed access the PDF on the right-hand window

However, I’m not given the option to save my library with the PDFs linked to each ref. When I close EndNote and restart the library, I have to carry out the full-text search again. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.


I don’t recommend doing a search for 800 PDFs all at once, at least with the pubmed option selected in preferences (which you do want on, as it is the more efficient tool for searching for full text versions).  It is likely that Pubmed will consider it a denial of service attack and shut down your IP address access.  

Really, there is no paperclip there for those that had been downloaded?  

Where is your library and the associated .DATA folder and subfolders stored?  There is never a prompt to “save the library” to my knowledge, as it is automatic.  You don’t need to save it.  in fact, not sure how you would save it manually?  You can just “save a copy” which gets a new name.  Are you opening the newly named version or the original library (although it shouldn’t matter).  

When I perform the search, the paperclips appear for the ~400 or so that are downloaded.

But when I close EndNote and restart it, they arent there anymore.

The PDFs still remain saved in the PDF subfolder within the .data folder. 

Something fishy then and you should call tech support.  Is the PDF icon showing  in the “File attachments” field if you open the record?