Full text search: more than one database?

Dear colleagues

 EndNote X2 searches the article full text in ISI databes, but in my University we prefer to search in another full text database. I’ve changed it in my preferences [Edit / Preferences / Online / URL]. What I would like to know is if it’s possible to make the search of the full text in more than one database.

Thank you,

Pedro Novais

I tryed to insert another URL in Edit / Preferences / Onlin, separated with a ; and it worked. EndNote searches full text in two sites and if it finds the full text it will download it. It’s perfect and very easy.

If your institution has online access to some other database then ISI (wich is the default URL) you can insert it there.

Pedro Novais

I use Windows, and my Edit / Preferences / Online only has Connection Log and ISI Base URL

IS there another place t set how the “Find Full Text” feature searches for the full text? 


Are you using EndNote X2?

I am using X2.0.1 (the currect patch).

There is nothing you specifically have to set in EndNote Preferences to get the Find Full text feature to work.

There are a few tips listed here:


Also, as a Windows user, it is best to use MS Internet Explorer version 7.x for setting any cookies that EndNote will try to leverage for authentication to premium full text sources.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

There is no option for me to choose the broswer (the help says it should be in Edit / Preferences / Online but there is not option there.  I think EndNote is using IE but I can’t be sure.

Hello, Angela

When you follow Edit / Preferences / Online, you should have there two fields. One is named “Connection Log” and the other “ISI Base URL”. This last field should be occupied with the following address URL: http://gateway.isiknowledge.com/gateway/Gateway.cgi. With a “;” you should be able to add other URL addresses so EndNote could search the Full Text.

Best regards,

Pedro Novais

Endnote should automatically be using what ever your default browser is.  If I switch between Firefox and IE, it switches (I think I probably have to close down Endnote to make the switch).  Since the patch, I rarely find that find fulltext  cannot down load a pdf that I have access to thru our IP authentification.