Increasing Full Text Findings

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the number of full text articles found automatically?  At the moment I am only getting about 30% of my references having found full text but in reality there are 85-90% of the articles in my database located in my University Libraries e-journals. 

Message Edited by afclark82 on 09-16-2008 12:54 PM

Here are some suggestions for improving the accuracy of the EndNote X2 Find Full Text feature:

  • You should be IP authenticated to any premium full text resources that you might want EndNote to attempt to connect to.

  • If you are associated with an institution that has access to ISI Web of Knowledge, create a free personalized account and log-in. If your institution does not have “custom journal links” set-up for  ISI Web of Knowledge, ask your librarian to do this - this is easy and free.

-  If you are associated with an institution that has access to EndNote Web, create a free account and log-in. Also be sure your account information is complete in the EndNote - Preferences - EndNote Web panel.

  • If DOI information is available for the records you want EndNote to try to find full text for, be sure this is in the “DOI” field in the EndNote record.

Also, we are in the process of adding some improvements to the accuracy and performance of the EndNote Find Full Text feature for the upcoming X2.01 patch. So,it might be worth retrying some full text searches with the patch installed. We plan to have the patch available by the end of October.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development