Function to compare 2 groups in Endnote

Suggestion for future editions of EndNote: 

Compare 2 groups 

This function should allow the user to select 2 groups and elucidate the different references in each of these groups. This function will come in useful when: 

  1. Working with a collaborator. PRISMA guidelines dictate that a search should be run by at least 2 independent authors who will scour various PubMed, Embase, Cochrane etc. for publications. Combination of these 2 libraries and comparing the inclusions and exclusions between the two reviewers will be useful. 

  2. Sequential adding of groups of references. While some users merge the references from multiple databases into one very large group (and proceed to weed out the duplicates from there), some might import and sort all the PubMed references first, then import and sort all the Embase references next. It will be great if the list of raw Embase imported references can be compared against the raw Pubmed references such that I don’t have to look through the same reference(s) twice.