Future date missing when importing reference

I have a RIS file containing a record with a publication date in the future (2010). After importing this bibliographic record, the record in EndNote does not contain a date. If I import the exact same record, but this time with PY - 2009, the EndNote record lists 2009 as the publication year.

How can I fix this? Some publishers predate their journals, so volumes/issues dated 2010 are already appearing on our shelves.

I have put the two records online, for temporary access in case anyone wants to try and see what happens:



(Using EndNote X1)

The X1 manual explains that the filters treat the Year in a non-standard way: “Only 4-digit numbers (1### or 200#) are imported.”


With EndNote X3, years such as 2010 import correctly. I don’t know if the developers plan to provide a patch to fix this problem in earlier versions of EndNote.



Thank you, John, I completely missed this in the manual.

Talk about a millenium +10 bug!

any update on fixes for X2?

Priscilla Cameron

Landcare Research NZ

EndNote has made available update patches for both X2 and older versions now. See more info here:


Best wishes

Jan Ove