Scopus import problem

I am having trouble importing my references from Scopus specifically with the date field. I am using Endnote X6 and this is when the problem started. Every time I import from Scopus, the date field contains \ instead of a date or leaving it blank as it did previously. Everything else is fine. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

Hello akissling,

When you are using the Reference Manager RIS format for export from certain databases, the file will include fields separated by // for the Date/Month/Year/Date Other.

Some of these sites actually include the blank // when there isn’t any data in them:

PY  - 2010/5//

So the importer is importing the year into the Year field and the 5// into the date field

In your case it is doing this:

PY  - 2010//

And importing just the // into the date field because there isn’t any date information to be found.

To get this completely figured out, can you email me the Scopus output file or respond with the file attached here? This way, we can check the format and field mapping, and fix things on our end if needed. The Scopus output file should be in your download folder with an .ris extension.

Thank you!

Meredith M. 

meredith [dot] mccusker [at] thomsonreuters [dot] com

Thanks Meredith. I just emailed the file to you!


Hi Alison,

Can you try sending it over again? Or, you can reply here and attach the .ris file to your post. Thank you!

Meredith M.

Here you go!

Scopus.enf (16 KB)

Hi akissling,

Here is a partial filter fix.  We can get rid of the extra /// and import one of the date elements but cannot do anything about a date that comes out like:


The editor will truncate after the 5 and not let us import further.

Here are the instructions for what to do with the filter: 

  1. Download the Scopus.enf selected filter.
  2. Double-click the Scopus.enf filter file to open in EndNote.
  3. In EndNote, click “File Menu” and choose “Save as”.  Remove the word “copy” and click “Save”.
  4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Filter”.

Have version X1 or prior? Click here for instructions.

Please let me know if you need us to troubleshoot more!

Thank you,

Meredith M. 

Scopus.enf (16 KB)

Thanks Meredith! I have downloaded it and will give it a try today!


I have a kind of similar problem with Scopus citation download. When I choose Citation & Abstract and RIS forme for EndNote use, the citation does not automatically transferred to EndNote, but it opens the Desktop, and provide a file with the name “science” and with the file type “EndNote Import File”. Then the Scopus could be coosen if Bibtext is the transferred file manually in EndNote, but finally the reference does not transferred at all.

Only one solution, that this “science” file is downloaded to the desktop, and then imported from EndNote, but cannot be repeated every time for each citation.

Thank you in advance for any kind help or solution idea,

Kind regards,