Giving page citations when selecting a reference

It seems rather convoluted to have to select a Reference in the Find and Insert my References and then, have to right click the reference that is created, Edit Citation > More  and only then enter the page reference. Could the process not be streamlined?

I hope it isn’t too late for this suggestion!

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I think that Alt+6 is a short cut to get to the dialog? 

I agree.  Every citation needs a page number.  It’s a pain to have to create the citation, select edit citation, then choose more, then enter the page number, then press save. 

Sure, using control 6 saves a couple of key strokes, but it makes much more sense to simply include a “Page Number” field so that the page number(s) can be entered at the time the citation is created.

A huge segment of users (like me) never add page numbers, so at least ask for an optional extra step?  I don’t want to have to waste keystrokes telling endnote I don’t want to add any page numbers either?  

I think your concerns were addressed in another thread on this issue.

Alt 6 doesn’t do anything.  Cntrl 6 opens “edit” after the insertion in complete.  It wastes heaps of time.

I can’t imagine how a Paper can be adequately referenced without using page numbers.  How can the reader find the quote or reference being used?  Presumably you use this software for something other than writing papers?

In the sciences, we don’t “quote” we paraphrase and thus do not cite a specific page.  The whole of the journal article is cited and the pages encompasing the entire article in the journal are listed as a part of the bibliography entry.  Very different from humanities. 

I also said in the other thread that it doesn’t require any extra keying to use the temporary citations and insert the cited pages directly.  Then format at the end.  I actually don’t CWYW – I always use temp citations.  but that is my preference.  I have little chance of corruption, and I can remove an author or a year from a citation without going thru the edit citation menu as well.  I think CWYW is over-rated myself.  but again - that is me.  

A happy medium is all we ask for.