Add page numbers when inserting citation

Most citations I insert in documents include references to specific pages. When inserting a reference (in CWYW), it would make sense to me that you would be able to specify more than just the work you’re citing, but also which page you’re citing (and various other stuff) – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In order to add a page number, I seemingly have to insert the citation, then edit the citation just to add the page number, which seems ridiculously cumbersome.

Is there really no less user-unfriendly way to do this?

Answering my own question here, I found the option of converting the document to temporary/unformatted citations, and from there it’s plain and simple how to insert a new citation with page numbers (citing page 123 as an example):

{Author, Year@123}

Or indeed, if the citation should be formatted in the Author (Year) style:

{Author, Year@123@author-year}

The only thing that doesn’t seem to be possible in this way is to insert a new citation (not having a unique reference ID) in the Author (Year) style, but without page numbers. In theory, you would write:

{Author, Year@@author-year}

– but EndNote won’t properly resolve that, for some reason. If you have a unique reference ID, it works fine:

{Author, Year #4280@@author-year}

But if you’re inserting a reference as a temporary citation without having any previous IDs to refer to, that’s not a possibility.

Any ideas how to get around this?

You can turn off autoformatting, so your citations are inserted in the temporary format and add your @123 – manually.  It will include the “#record number” or label (my preference) automatically?  Then  update citations and bibliography.