Global Change in EndNote X5 from "Edited Book" to "Book"

I have switched from ProCite to EndNote X5. I imported a 26,000 record bibliography into EndNote and did a lot of exploring and editing when I noted that all of the “Book, Whole” records from ProCite were converted to “Edited Book” in EndNote rather than simply “Book.” I don’t want to do a complete re-import, as this would undo the many fixes I already made to records. I have not been able to discover any way to make a global change of all “Edited Book” records to “Book.” Is there a way to do this? Or would I need to export only the “Edited book” records from EndNote and then re-import them as “Book.” Please advise any solutions or workarounds.

The Edit menu option to “Change text” can be used to change the reference type from one to another.  Make sure that only the edited books that should be book are selected and showing in your library display (assuming there are some truly edited books in your collection?) You can sort on the ref type field if you set the preferences (Edit>preferences: display fields) to display reference type and sort on that, then select the ones you want to convert and hide the rest (from the reference menu). 

Select “Reference Type” the Reference Type from the dropdown list (it is last in my X5 installation) and then carefully type in Edited Book into the first box and Book into the second box.  It should warn you that X number of refs will be changed and it isn’t reversible (so you may want to try it on a copy first, to be sure you don’t mess up).