Group names lost in sync

Hi everybody,

I’m new to EndNote and when I sync my PC library with the web server I loose the groups names everything is in My groups…

How can I mantain it?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Group  sets  will  not  show  online,  but  the  information  will  be  synced  through  online  to  a  second
desktop computer, where they will show. Because they do not show online, you may wish to use
short prefixes before custom group names to ensure custom groups that belong together remain
together online.

You can find this information in the EndNote How-To Book

The section 5.1.2 EndNote Sync

Tony,  Don’t you think the X8 version of this should be in the KB rather than just the X7 version?  

Here it is - but only can find thru the training pages.