GroupS disappear with upgrade from X2 to X4


I recently upgraded from X2 to X4.

I have the .enl file and .data folder backed up (eventhough not compressed) in external hard drive and another site.

Initially when I tried opening it, the EndNote file lost all the references and when I checked the file size, it is now 0KB and all the pdf in data files is gone.

By importing the back up .enl file and data folder, I managed to get it opened properly the second time.

But this time all the groups have disappeared, and references are now in AllReferences and Unfiled.

Any suggestion?

Make absolutely sure you aren’t moving the .enl file INTO the .DATA folder.  It is much safer to use the compress feature to move the files and folders correctly and to make sure they are unpacked and in the correct folder relationship in their new home. It sounds like you are losing the corrent relationship between the .enl file and the .DATA folder and contents with these phenotypes.